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How we are different:

Competitive Rates

We will meet any written quote from a local reputable company and remote support is available without a support contract.


Our techs are certified, highly trained, and educated. All techs are required to possess a Bachelor's degree and have extensive training in computer forensics, malware detection, and rootkit removal. Certifications include, but are not limited to, Computer Forensics & Digital Investigations (CFDI), Information Security, (Info Sec), Linux Administration, Systems Administration, and Microsoft Certification.


Certified techs have over 30+ years experience spanning all aspects of Information Technology and computer support. Our techs are also required to keep their skills and knowledge current and relevant.


Other shops' business model is based upon maximizing profit by up-selling additional costly software and maximizing the number of systems a tech works on per hour in order to get the systems out as quickly as possible and usually simply performing system restores. However, this methodology does little to prevent a repeat of future problems since it does not determine the underlying cause and may, in all actuality, contain the cause of the problem.

We can find the underlying cause, stop it at the source, and tell you exactly how the issue got on your system -- preventing a repeat in the future. Furthermore, if there are other suspected vectors of attack and affected machines, we can investigate and let you know. We don't simply throw software at your issue, tell you the problem is solved, and take more of your money when you return in the near future. 


Industry proven technology, methods, and software. 


We accept all traditional forms of payment such as cash, check, and money orders. However, we also accept credit cards (Visa(TM), Mastercard(TM), American Express(TM) and Discover(TM)), and Paypal whether you click, call, or come to us.

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